Posted Street Signs

California Campaign signs leads the industry in political street sign posting. Our strategies combine decades of experience with modern analytics to create a one of a kind, custom service.

Campaign sign posting creates a unique pathway to voters' attention, putting your strategic messaging at a local level.

CCS offers individualized consultation to help you determine the best level of coverage for your campaign territory. We are experienced with multiregional and statewide campaigns. Signs will be removed by CCS crews promptly following the election.

Our service is an excellent choice for Congressional districts, regional ballot measures, and statewide initiatives.

Posting is available for 16"x48", 4'x4', and 4'x8' full color road signs, printed on corrugated plastic, and 14"x44"s and 22"x28"s printed on poly-coated paper.

Please contact us for a custom quote & consultation.

(916) 866-8584